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Manage resources efficiently

Use machine learning models to determine the required crew size for each day of the upcoming year/season/month on the basis of the flight schedule

How does Planex Crew Headcount work?

Forecast of required and expected crew size
"What-If" scenarios and reverse calculation mode
User-friendly interface

Processing the uploaded flight schedule in SSIM/Excel format

Estimation of workload and flight time on account of the flight structure using ML models

Ability to adjust calculation parameters (flight time, working time, vacation costs, etc.)

Real-time modeling and evaluation of multiple calculation scenarios

Considering constraints on individual work and flight time limits

Calculation of the number of flight hours that can be covered by the current crew size

Well-detailed tabular and graphical representation

Calculation based on multiple dimensions: fleet, rank, authorization, time period

Saving scenarios for schedule and crew size planning coordination between airlines departments

Calculating the expected crew size considering the forecasted personnel attrition

Determining the shortage/surplus of crews by qualification groups

Manage your resources to cover a peak workload and reduce downtime

Validate the ability to execute the plan during periods of peak workload

Increase airline's crew utilization

Get the unified tool for a crew budget coordination

Setup a transparent schedule coordination process

Our solution

Ill - Сloud.png

Hosts in a cloud environment and doesn't require any additional hardware or software

Ill - Browser.png

Works in a web browser and utilizes a well designed web interface

Ill - Integration.png

Requires only to setup an integration with the tracking system to start working

Ill - Costs.png

Proves its effectiveness - we will make a POV to demonstrate how it can help to reduce crew costs

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