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Business Process Management in airlines (Part 2)

In the previous part of this article, we looked at the first step of BPM implementation - Identification and categorization of business processes.

Step 2 - Business process modeling

It is crucial to model all important and critical business processes of an airline. Business process modeling is a representation of the activities of its employees and departments in text or graphical form. It allows:

  • regulate the actions of employees;

  • identify the relationship between business processes and the requirements they must meet;

  • analyze and optimize the sequence of actions in business processes.

Thus, the modeling of business processes in itself makes it possible to make the internal activities of employees and departments of the airline more transparent, which is a necessary step to increase its efficiency as a whole.

The task of business process modeling can be divided into separate logical actions.

Recommended sequence of actions:

  1. Define and validate the boundaries of the business process;

  2. Identify all roles and all participants in the business process (airline employees);

  3. Gather all incoming information necessary and sufficient for detailed and objective modeling of the business process;

  4. List all IT systems and software products used (ERP, CRM, email, Excel, etc.);

  5. Define the expected outcome upon completion of the business process instance;

  6. Identify the business process owner who is responsible for executing the business process from start to finish and ultimately creating value for the customer;

  7. Define and agree on performance targets for the business process;

  8. Model the business process and agree it with all its participants.

To implement point 8, there are various business process modeling notations, among which BPMN (Business Process Model and Notation), which has become widespread and has additional potential for automation, should be highlighted.

In the third part of the article we will consider the tasks of optimization and automation of business processes, including the application of BPMN.



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