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Streamlining Airline Crew Scheduling (Part 2) - Enhancing some aspects of сrew scheduling with Crew Analytical Dashboards

In the previous post, we discussed the complexities of a crew scheduling in the aviation industry and highlighted the need for effective tools to compare different planning scenarios and evaluate their outcomes.

Crew Analytical Dashboards serve as a key solution to this challenge, offering in-depth analysis and comparison of input data across various planning scenarios. These dashboards facilitate the detailed comparison and evaluation of the initial planning constraints – the rules and limitations set at the beginning of the crew pairing and optimization process in various crew scheduling scenarios. This enables crew schedulers to not only understand the framework within which they are operating but also to assess how these parameters impact the overall planning process, a critical aspect in achieving the most efficient and effective scheduling solutions.

Furthermore, Crew Analytical Dashboards provide valuable capabilities for assessing the outcomes of the scheduling process after crew schedules have been determined. The tool offers extensive analysis of the results obtained, allowing insights into aspects such as cost efficiency, operational coverage, statistical measures related to crew transportation and hotel accommodations etc.

In summary, Dashboards provide a dual advantage – thorough examination of both input parameters and optimization results. They help in identifying areas for improvement and in making informed decisions that align with both regulatory requirements and airline-specific preferences, enabling airlines to navigate the complexities of crew scheduling with greater ease and precision in a constantly evolving industry.

These dashboards, however, are more than just a tool for viewing pairing and rostering statistics; they form an essential part of the strategic decision-making process in crew scheduling, fully integrated within the Optimal Crew solution. This comprehensive system is engineered to construct the most optimal crew plan, taking into account all constraints and ensuring the highest efficiency in operations.



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