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Improve the accuracy and quality of the vacation plan

Manages annual and intra-year vacations using a discrete optimization approach to minimize costs associated with vacation arrears and uneven utilization

How does Planex Vacations Plan work?

Forecasting vacation quotas
Automatic creation of the annual vacation plan
Adjustment of the vacation plan within the year

Calculates the daily number of employees eligible for vacation based on the airline schedule

Creates the plan automatically, ensuring it aligns with crew preferences, seniority levels, legal and company regulations

Recalculates quotas in response to changes in schedules and ground assignments

Determines quotas by considering ranks, authorizations, and qualification groups

Solves a discrete optimization problem at its core to discover the most efficient solution

Proposes  plan changes for individuals taking into account their qualifications, seniority and outstanding vacation days

Performs multiple runs with varying input parameters for comprehensive analysis

Recommends the best dates for rescheduled vacations

Manage vacations to cover a peak workload and reduce downtime

Improve accuracy and quality of vacation allocation for crew members taking into account requests and the company workload

Reduce costs caused by vacation arrears and related to uneven crew flight time utilization

Increase crew members' satisfaction through a convenient and transparent process

Reduce company planning cycle

Our solution

Ill - Сloud.png

Hosts in a cloud environment and doesn't require any additional hardware or software

Ill - Browser.png

Works in a web browser and utilizes a well designed web interface

Ill - Integration.png

Requires only to setup an integration with the tracking system to start working

Ill - Costs.png

Proves its effectiveness - we will make a POV to demonstrate how it can help to reduce crew costs

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