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A single-entry point for the crews’ offboard interaction with the Company

Provide your crew members with a digital workplace available from any device and allowing for the two-way timely data exchange

How does Planex Crew Portal work?

Up-to-date schedule with changes notifications and confirmation requests

Personal ranking, qualifications and admissions expiry dates monitoring

Flight preparation and briefing package

Personal flight statistics

Post-flight reporting

Day-off / Flight requests

Annual vacation planning

What are your benefits from Planex Crew Portal

Improved interactive experience and increased crew satisfaction

Transparent data flows and cost reduction due to decreased usage of paper documents

Access from mobile or desktop devices running on diverse O/S

Communication and data processing efficiency

Our solution

Ill - Сloud.png

Hosts in a cloud environment and doesn't require any additional hardware or software

Ill - Browser.png

Works in a web browser and utilizes a well designed web interface

Ill - Integration.png

Requires only to setup an integration with the tracking system to start working

Ill - Costs.png

Proves its effectiveness - we will make a POV to demonstrate how it can help to reduce crew costs

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