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Track and manage changes to rosters to resolve disruptions faster

Maintain roster operational feasibility and efficiency with real-time legal check and crew data control

How does Planex Tracking work?

Crew Data
Pairings and Assignments

Access to all up-to-date crew records required for crew scheduling

Convenient and efficient manual creation, editing and replication of pairings and assignments with the help of decision-making tools

Automatic legality check of pairings and rosters triggered by schedule modifications, manual operations, import of optimization results

Tracking and modification of crew ranking, qualifications, permits, restrictions

Configurable graphical display of legs, pairings, assignments on a separate canvas or a combination of them (legs and pairings, pairings and standbys, pairings and rosters)

Capabilities for configuration of various and numerous rules with different violation tolerance be it legislation or company management decisions

Timely indication of crew licenses and qualifications expiration needed to be actioned upon

Crew requests processing and management

Integrated opensource business rules engine solution ensuring high level of flexibility to changes in requirements

Extensive filtering capabilities allowing to search for and filter crew members according to numerous parameters for specific purposes

Flexible filtering and smart search for all types of objects including legs, duties, pairings, standbys, assignments

Indication of legality and leg coverage check results on the canvas with details on violations and expected values

What are your benefits from Planex Tracking

Decision-making tools for timely and efficient management of changes

Compliance with all configured requirements

Capabilities for integration with all other Planex solutions for a consistent and transparent process

Intuitive, smart and configurable UI

Our solution

Ill - Сloud.png

Hosts in a cloud environment and doesn't require any additional hardware or software

Ill - Browser.png

Works in a web browser and utilizes a well designed web interface

Ill - Integration.png

Requires only to setup an integration with the tracking system to start working

Ill - Costs.png

Proves its effectiveness - we will make a POV to demonstrate how it can help to reduce crew costs

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