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100+ metrics for plan comparison and assesment

Flexible BI system for efficient plan analysis and easy creation of dashboards and reports

How does Planex Dashboards work?

Find the best plan for the Company

Different pairing scenarios analysis: examining flight coverage, duration, crew work and flight hours, required crew count and related costs

Evaluation of roster scenarios: examining coverage, crew utilization, duty patterns and fairness

Rapidly generate any type of report

Efficient report generation and easy export functionality, powered by a user-friendly BI system

Detailed and summarized information presented in maps, graphs, and tables

Get the flexible system for data-driven solutions

Customizable quick-insight dashboards

Advanced, easy reporting features

Real-time data analysis capability

Transparent, detailed plan comparison

Our solution

Ill - Сloud.png

Hosts in a cloud environment and doesn't require any additional hardware or software

Ill - Browser.png

Works in a web browser and utilizes a well designed web interface

Ill - Integration.png

Requires only to setup an integration with the Company systems to start working

Ill - Costs.png

Proves its effectiveness for the Company with fastly changing business requirements

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